This template only applies to 'employees' - that means you have to have an employment contract. This template doesn't apply if you're self-employed or freelance.

Disclaimer: Any templates provided by Organise are for self-help only. These templates are not tailored to your specific circumstances, do not constitute legal advice from qualified lawyers and are not covered by lawyer-client privilege. All decisions you make on legal matters are your full responsibility and you agree to obtain advice from a qualified lawyer regarding any legal issue of enough importance to reasonably require it.

In the absence of clear guidance from the government, we’ve spoken to employment law specialists to clarify what your rights are. Please ensure that you are following the official government guidance throughout this emergency.

If you are an employee, you have the right not to be dismissed or to suffer a detriment (e.g. be subject to a disciplinary) if you reasonably believe danger to be serious and imminent at your place of work.

How to use this template:

  1. 1. You should fill in the sections in [square brackets] with your own information.

  2. 2. If any part of this template letter is not relevant to your situation you can delete it.

  3. 3. You can ask for help completing this template from your union, your local Citizens Advice Bureau, local charities or from one of our approved lawyers. Please get in touch at if you would like us to put you in touch with one of our approved lawyers.

Please note it has not yet been tested whether the current pandemic would constitute “serious and imminent” danger in this context. This template has been drafted in a way which states your belief that danger is serious and imminent but leaves it open for your employer to discuss ways in which they might make it safe for you to return to work.


Dear [Head of HR or Manager if no HR],

I am writing in response to the [call/email] I received about my return to work.  

I wanted to make you aware that, given the current coronavirus pandemic, I believe that if I return to work I will be in serious and imminent danger of catching coronavirus which can cause serious health problems and in some cases be fatal.  

[To be used if you are in a vulnerable category:

[Please note that I am in a particularly vulnerable category because [I am pregnant/I have [xxx] condition].]

To be used if someone you live with is in a vulnerable category:

[Please note that I am particularly concerned because I live with [insert person e.g. my partner] who falls within the vulnerable person category because [he/she is pregnant/has [xxxx] condition].

To be used if you can’t get to work without using public transport

[Please note that there is no way for me to get to work without using public transport because I live [insert distance from work]]

In light of the above, I do not currently feel like I can return to work without putting myself [and/or insert who else] in serious and imminent danger.  I would be happy to discuss ways in which this danger could be reduced.  Please feel free to contact me on [mobile number] to discuss.

[Sign off]