The government furlough scheme is set to finish at the end of October.

Lots of us are feeling worried or uncertain about the future and what happens after it ends. If you have been furloughed and aren't sure where you stand or what happens next, this post is for you.

Gradual changes to the furlough scheme

From July 1st, you'll be allowed to work part-time while furloughed. From August 1st, your employer will have to pay your National Insurance and pension contributions. From September 1st, your employer will have to cover 10% of your furlough wages. And, from October 1st, your employer will have to cover 20% of your furlough wages.

End of the furlough scheme

Then, at the end of October, the furlough scheme will end - meaning workers will either be asked to go back to work, or be made redundant.

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