The target of your petition is the person, people or organisation who has the power to make the change you are calling for. So if you are calling on your employer to do something different, the target could be the company or organisation you work for, your CEO or even the company board.

  • If the issue is something your company hasn't addressed before, you might want to target the CEO or the company generally to bring attention to the issue.
  • If the issue is known and you're fed up with the companies lack of action, you might want to target the board or the shareholders instead. 
  • You'll know your company best so pick the option that best suits the change you're pushing for!

If you are calling for a change in the law, the target is often the government or an industry. While you can choose "the government" as a target, it can be more effective to target a specific decision maker:

  • If the issue is high in the news the Prime Minister is often a good target.
  • If the change you want would need the government to spend money, the Chancellor can be an important campaign target.
  • If you're calling for a change in policy, look up which minister is in charge of that area. For example if you want a change in how Universal Credit works, you would target the Minister for the Department of Work and Pensions. You can see the list of ministers and the areas they are in charge of here:

It's possible to target more than one person or organisation.

So if you're trying to change how a business does something, you may want to target both the bosses and the shareholders who help decide what the company does. Or if the change is something several different companies should make, you may want to target them all (for example asking all supermarkets to give staff boxing day off). Or if it's a government decision that costs money, you may want to target the minister in charge and the chancellor.

If you're not 100% sure who to target, go with your best bet - your first instincts will generally be right and the Organise team can talk it through with you once the petition or letter is set up.