Why contact your supporters?

The tens or hundreds or even thousands of people backing your campaign are what makes it powerful. So regularly contacting your supporters is a really important part of running a successful campaign.

There are lots of reasons to contact your supporters, to ask them to take snap polls to help decide the next steps for the campaign, to update people with news and developments - but the most frequent reason in every campaign is to ask them to share the campaign to help it grow.

Every person who signs your petition or open letter has friends, family and colleagues that would also be interested in the issue. Asking your supporters to regularly share the campaign with their friends and family is the best way to keep support for your campaign growing over time.

Sending an email to update your supporters and ask them to share the campaign is simple and takes only a few minutes - just follow the 5 steps below.

We're working hard on making it easy for organisers to set up their own snap polls, run people-powered reports and create more actions for your supporters to take. But until then don't worry, if you've got a plan for the next steps in your campaign you can contact the Organise team at action@organise.network and we can help make it happen. If you're not sure what to do next, get in touch and arrange a chat with a campaign coach to help you make a plan.

When to contact your supporters

A good aim is to contact your supporters once or even twice a week - especially at the start. People have busy lives, so if they don't hear from you about the campaign it will easily fall out of mind and so it'll be harder to get your supporters involved with any next steps.

So, any time you see a big jump in signatures, send out an email thanking everyone for signing and sharing the campaign. Every time the issue or anything that touches on your campaign is in the news, share the article with your supporters and ask them to share the campaign. Any time you hear back from your target, or there's a development in the campaign of any kind, let your supporters know and ask them to share the campaign. You get the idea!

How to contact your supporters

To contact your supporters just log into your account at https://teamup.organise.network/users/sign_in and click on "Email network"

Then you'll come to a page that looks like this. Follow the 5 simple steps below to send your email off!

5 steps to send your email

Step 1: The subject is what people will see when your email lands in their inbox, try and catch people's attention by keeping it short and snappy but clear what the email is about.

Step 2: Add your message in the main box, keep "Hi {{first_name}}" as when the email sends this will fill in with the right name automatically. See the tips below on how to write a great message to your supporters.

Step 3: Hit save on the bottom right!

Step 4: If you want to check over the email, you can send a test to yourself using the "send a test" button.

Step 5: Once your happy with the email hit send my email and it will go to the Organise team who will moderate your emails and send it off to your supporters.

Top tips for writing to your supporters:

  • Keep it short and punchy. You only have a few seconds to grab people’s attention. So keep your words, sentences and emails short. Explain the problem. Explain the action. Ask your supporters to take part.
  • Imagine you’re talking to a colleague or a friend. Write as if you’re convincing them to take action with you. You don’t need big words or long sentences when you’re writing a email, just use simple easy words.
  • Add some heart. People react much more to a powerful human experience. So make your emails personal and explain why the issue matters to you.
  • Only ask supporters to do one thing. Make sure you know what the goal of your email is (do you want people to share the petition? do a survey? something else?). Then ask your supporters to do that one thing only.