So you've launched an action on Organise recently. That's amazing! Taking action to change things at work can be daunting - but the good news is that many Organisers have been there before you, and scored huge wins through the power of the Organise network! A few examples below:

Amazon warehouse workers

Amazon warehouse workers sounded the alarm about the amount of good quality items being destroyed in their warehouses - instead of donated or resold. Hundreds of Amazon workers took part in a survey on Organise to map the scale of the problem. And more than 80,000 of us signed the workers' petition calling on Amazon to donate the goods instead.

Our network worked with ITV to run a month long investigation into the problem, and the results were headline news on TV and in the papers. [1] And Amazon responded to the pressure - the company announced a huge policy U-turn and vowed to stop destroying unsold items, like smart TVs and laptops, once and for all. [2] This couldn't have happened without Amazon warehouse workers in the Organise network sounding the alarm, and tens of thousands of us backing them up with our support. It's just one example of what the Organise network is capable of - and it's amazing to see.

Carers and vulnerable people

Last week, Wynne, an Organise member whose 83-year-old mum has four carers, was worried about the changes to self-isolation for carers who have contact with Covid. She messaged Organise's action inbox and worked with a campaign coach to decide which Government minister had the power to change the rules. Her open letter gathered almost 5,000 signatures in a week, and she's delivering this powerful letter signed by thousands of worried people to the desk of the minister in charge. [3] It's rapid actions like these that can have a huge impact on politicians and policymakers. Go Wynne!

Cooler uniforms for hospital cleaners

The heatwave was hard work for lots of us, but it was especially hard work for domestic staff working at St Helen's Hospital. Their uniforms are thick polyester and cleaning the hospital inside and out in these heavy uniforms is really tough in 30-degree heat. Now, staff who work at the hospital are running a campaign to get a cooler uniform option for the summer - it's early days for the campaign, but it's the kind of change that will make a huge difference to the dozens of domestic staff at the hospital. Small, worker-led campaigns like this are so powerful and have a huge impact on people's working lives.

Masks in supermarkets and on public transport

This was a whopper. More than 125,000 of us signed the petition to the Transport Secretary and transport companies to keep masks on trains and buses. It worked - very quickly TfL and dozens of other transport companies decided to keep masks for passengers and staff. Then together we sent over 200,000(!) emails to supermarket CEO's asking them to do the same. [4]

One by one, supermarkets changed their minds and decided to keep masks in store - this will make a huge difference to staff who are working in these shops. Thank you for adding your voice.

This is just a snapshot of the activity happening on Organise every month, we're a tiny organisation, driven by our members. Thank you for being one of us.

The Organise network is powerful - every day, Organisers like you are starting and winning campaigns through our network. And if you need any help in planning your next action, or figuring out how to win a big change at work - our seasoned Organise action coaches are on hand to help! You can book in a call with one of our Organise coaches by clicking the button below:

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Thanks again for all that you do,

Cathy and the Organise staff team


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