This is the fastest way that you can test the waters and get results on a subject matter that means the most to you. Whether it's seeing if other people are thinking the same about something work related, voting on what to do together next in your campaign or taking the temperature of your colleagues about something.

Firstly you will need to set up an account with Organise if you haven't already, you can do that by going to

You will then land on a page that looks like the one below and you will want to click the Organiser tab on the left hand side because as of now, that is what you are, you're an organiser and you're smashing it.

Click on the "Run a Snap Poll" and start your process, think about who it is you are asking - is it everyone? meaning all statuses: employed; self- employed; retired and unemployed or is it more specific to those are employed? Or would you like to put something aimed only at your workplace or sector?

Once you've chosen your target audience, comes the most important part, what are you asking people? Make it short, swift and snappy as nowadays, most people will be doing this on their phones whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or a bus to show up!

Ask yourself how many realistic answers you can get from your question, in this example there are three: yes; no and it doesn't apply to me. The more people who tick the last option in this scenario could lead you on to doing another poll and finding out which industry or profession they are in to deepen the data further if you fancied.

If possible, try and limit how many options you give because this is just a snap poll and you can always do a survey later on with more detail. Scroll back up to the top of the page and hit "publish snap poll"

You are now ready to send this out, copy the link that will be provided to you and share away! You've done it. You are officially running a snap poll!!

Once you've congratulated yourself on being an organiser and you've given it enough time to start collating results, it's super easy to check on the results.

Just log back into your account and click on the organiser section and then "View Snap Poll" and your poll results will be right there.